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Organizing Before The Hectic Holiday Season Hits

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Holiday organization

Every year at this time, we start to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and realize that we need more room for holiday decorations, visiting guests, presents galore, food, and…everything else that comes along with the holidays. Now is the time to organize and get everything situated, so you can relax and enjoy yourself this year with no extra stress once the holidays are upon us.

Make Extra Room Now

The first thing you need to do to make it a stress-free holiday for you and your guests is to prepare for them before they arrive. Clear the front coat closet and add plenty of hangers so they can store outerwear, break out the leaf for the dining room table (and don’t forget the extra chairs), prepare beds for extra guests, and add a bin by the entrance for snowy shoes by the front door to avoid a mess inside.

Organize Your Gift-Giving

Use labeled and stacked storage bins in the garage or spare closet to store holiday gifts for everyone. Using this unique storage option can help keep your gifts organized, out of the way, and hidden from looky-loos so your house won’t be cluttered, and gifts are out of sight. A reputable home storage system company can help you increase your storage with custom installations.

Prepare Your Kitchen For Guests

The kitchen is the hub of any home – especially during the holidays. Make your kitchen user-friendly for you and your guests with a custom pantry that will make plenty of room for all of your food items and baking pans and that will make it easy to find everything with plenty of shelves, bins, and storage.

Ready To Get Organized For The Upcoming Holidays?

Start organizing your home for the holidays today to avoid the stress once guests arrive with great storage solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada. From custom garage storage to professional closet system installation, our team is experienced at making the best custom storage for many Nevada residents and can help you with your storage needs this holiday season.

Photo credit: Nicole Michalou