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How to Store and Display Collectibles

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A stack of records

From records to stamps, collections are a hobby shared by nearly half of Americans. But any kind of physical collection needs space, and collectible items require care and proper storage to maintain their value. Follow these tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas to keep your collectibles in good condition and display them to their best advantage.

Caring for Collectibles

Rule 1: climate control. Collectibles are often fragile, but even those that are fairly sturdy should be kept away from heat, light, and damp. All of these things can degrade and even ruin most materials. And unless your collection is especially durable, keep it out of the reach of children too. Never stack heavy items on top of each other.

Rare and breakable items should be either packed carefully away (if you’re storing them long-term), or displayed in glass-fronted cabinets safe from dust clumsy hands. Items kept out in the open should be regularly dusted, wiped down, or polished as appropriate.

For long term storage, keep items in clear, airtight containers. Fragile paper should be stored in acid-free boxes.

Displaying Collectibles

Avoid making your carefully curated collection look like clutter by carefully choosing the setup and location of your display. Especially if you have more than one kind of collection, organization is important.

Try grouping your items by color, type, or source. Choose a backdrop in a contrasting color, something neutral for bright or elaborately decorated items. Avoid any busy patterns unless the collectibles themselves are monochrome.

When grouping collectibles together, try odd numbers. Combine large and small pieces, and layer them at different distances from the eye to create depth. Add extra dimension by displaying pieces in a room where they feel like they belong. Antique bowls in the kitchen. Stamps in the office. Records in reach of the stereo.

Collectibles in glass-fronted cabinet

Make the Most of the Space

If you have a large collection, consider rotating items in and out of longer-term storage to make space for showing off new pieces. Large, bulky collectibles can serve double duty as bookends. If your collectibles can hang, consider adding a little interest to your hallways.

Choose shelves or other storage methods that fit or complement the shapes of your collectibles. Corner shelves can be especially useful, and take up otherwise wasted space.

To truly make the most of the space you have, choose custom storage. It’s the best option to display your collectibles. And Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas can design and build storage for anything you collect. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our designers and share your collectibles the way they deserve to be seen!