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How to Store Quilting Supplies

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Sewing room with custom storage.

March is National Craft Month, and if your craft is quilting, you’re probably used to the ever-growing collection of fabric, patterns, and other tools and notions that comes along with it. Keeping all of these items organized can be a challenge, especially if your home is on the smaller side! If you’re finding yourself overrun with thimbles and thread, try some of these tips for organizing and storing your quilting supplies.

Choose a System

Do you like elaborate patterns, or prefer color themes? Do you work on one quilt at a time, or are you harboring a collection of half-finished projects? No matter your standard operating procedure, there’s a storage style that will help you optimize it.

If you like to keep your fabric in totes or tubs, shelving can keep your collection contained. If you prefer baskets, try built-in cubbies. Hanging racks can offer space for ironed fabrics or finished quilts, while pullout trays hold projects in progress. You can sort by block size, color, or pattern, or bundle everything together by project. What’s important is finding a system that works for you.

Craft room custom storage.

Storing Odds and Ends

Small items like buttons and notions can be kept in mason jars, while bindings rolled around wooden paper towel hangers won’t tangle. Rulers and templates can hang on pegboard or be kept in drawers.

Maintaining Quilting Supplies

It’s best to keep your fabric in an enclosed space like a cabinet, especially if you’re storing it long term. If you’re keeping it out on a shelf, avoid both natural and artificial light as much as possible. Don’t store fabric in unvarnished wood or cardboard, and wrap more delicate pieces in acid-free paper to avoid any stains or damage. A good storage system makes it easy to keep track of what you have so you can keep everything in top condition for upcoming projects!

Custom Storage Solutions

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