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5 Reasons You May Be Short on Closet Space

Custom closet shelving and island.

Closet space is precious and it runs out quickly! After all, there are few places as appropriate as a bedroom closet for your many personal things. With clothing, shoes, and so many other personal items to store, even large closets can quickly feel overfull. So we gathered the closet space experts at Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas to brainstorm common reasons people run out of closet space and offer solutions.

Here’s what we came up with.

1. Using Your Closet as a Catch-All

Pants, shirts, shoes, robes, socks, and undies… but that’s not all. Personal care items, tools, belts, accessories, makeup, games, books, and just about everything else tends to end up in a bedroom closet. Consider making a dedicated space elsewhere for things that don’t need to be in your closet. If you have things in there that ought to find another home, it might be time to sort them out.

2. Suboptimal Organization

This is a problem for any kind of storage space. As always, when we stuff items in with little regard for operational space, you can end up with a lot less functional room than you need. If you have items stacked up on top of each other, you’ll have to move things before you can get to what’s beneath them. Remember to leave space to move things around, otherwise that space is actually wasted and dealing with your closet will become a hassle.

3. Unused Space

You probably have a lot of potential for added shelving, new drawers, and other things that could add usable closet space. That empty wall at the back could be a great home for a new set of low-profile shelving. A few well-placed accessories like hooks, door hangers, and shoe organizers could also make a world of difference.

Custom closet storage system shelving.

4. Underutilized Furnishings

That chest of drawers on the other side of the room might be a good home for some of the things in your closet if it were better organized. A small set of tabletop shelves on your dresser or even a hook or two on the sides could make it a better overflow for the contents of your closet.

5. It’s Time for a Purge

Picking out items to do away with is tough, but we all need to do it once in a while. Going through items you rarely use and paring them down could be a fine way to spend a rainy day.

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