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Organic Modern Design for Custom Storage

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Custom mudroom storage.

Organic modern design, a trend that seamlessly merges the organic allure of nature with the sleek, clean lines of modern design, is still holding strong in contemporary decor. And custom storage offers a unique opportunity to fully utilize the blend of form and function so intrinsic to contemporary design. Keep reading to learn how this refreshing, minimalist style can add an elegant touch to your Las Vegas custom storage.

A Natural Foundation

Organic modern design celebrates the use of natural materials, and organic modern storage can utilize solid wood for a sturdy, lasting design. Imagine shelving units in rich shades of chocolate brown or cherry wood. Alternatively, try white or beige neutrals to make accent colors really pop. Mudroom benches might be topped in quartz or stone. Let the materials speak for themselves, paying homage to the local desert landscapes.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Much of the beauty of organic modern design lies in its minimalism. Choose clean lines, and keep surfaces uncluttered for a sense of serene spaciousness. Sleek, handless slab-front cabinets can offer an especially streamlined look. This approach creates an unobtrusive backdrop other decor pieces.

An Organic Color Palette

Go local with the earthy color palette of organic modern. Use open shelving to show off accent pieces in shades of olive and terracotta, or ceramic and stone. These colors add warmth to the space, and can offer a sense of connection to the sun-baked Las Vegas valley and its encircling mountains.

Custom storage solutions.

Add a Touch of Green

Bringing the outdoors in is a hallmark of organic modern design. Consider incorporating living elements, such as open shelving with potted plants. Or use a broader surface to support a mini succulent garden. To truly embrace the spirit of the style, choose plants native to the southwest.

Function First

Like other modern aesthetics, organic modern doesn’t compromise on functionality. Your custom storage should be designed with a balance of practicality and artistic expression. Whether it’s for a stylish home office or luxurious walk-in closet, the design should enhance your daily life while creating a visual story.

Trust the design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas to help you bring your vision to life. With nearly twenty years of experience in custom storage solutions for southern Nevada, they know the ins and outs of design and how to create beautifully functional pieces for your home. Call today for a free in-home consultation.