Make Room for Life

Closet Organizer

Popular Closet Color Schemes in Las Vegas

When it comes to the things that homeowners and would-be homeowners value the most, you’ll find that abundant closet space is one of those top priorities. Custom closet and organization systems are valuable assets for your current life, and for potential future resale value. It’s easy to see why people focus on the details of…

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How to Make Space for Your Hobbies

custom garage cabinets nevada

Whether your hobby is golfing, scrapbooking, working on your car, or refinishing furniture, we all need space for hobbies in our homes. Hobbies are important; they help define us, pass the time and build camaraderie with other like-minded people. Do you need to make some space for your hobbies in your home? Closet & Storage…

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3 Signs You Need A Closet Upgrade

Custom Closet Design Las Vegas Nevada

Unless closets are properly organized in a way that’s convenient and easy to maintain, they often get neglected. Then strange things start to happen: your favorite items seem to disappear, odd piles of items begin to appear and you can no longer see the closet floor. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada, we specialize…

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Cutting Down Clutter In Your Closet

If you're like millions of Americans, you've watched at least one episode of Marie Kondo's Netflix program, Tidying Up. Step one of her method is to remove every scrap of clothing from your closet and bureau drawers and pile it in one place. Next, you're supposed to examine each piece of clothing to see if it "sparks joy." If not, you should release…

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Design Ideas for Functional Walk-In Closets

You have a variety of design options when creating a custom walk-in closet with Closet & Storage Concepts. Before considering stylish touches, it’s important to focus on functionality. Everyone has a different lifestyle, and their perfect walk-in closet will be similarly unique. We’re dedicated to creating a closet that’s tailored for your life. To help…

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Organizing the Perfect Study Space for Kids

There’s no escaping the fact that kids need to study, and that can put a lot of homes in some turmoil. Studying tends not to be as enticing as playing outdoors or racking up experience points in a video game. Nonetheless, parents everywhere are working out ways to get those kids in front of an…

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Closet Design and Organization Tips For Las Vegas Homeowners

Most people hate a disorganized closet, but they equally hate organizing it in the first place. Luckily, you don't have to do it on your own! Closet and Storage Concepts is here to help you get your closet under control; starting with a few easy tips! 1. Take Inventory To get the most out of…

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3 Closet Accessories That Will Save You Time

custom closet accessories Las Vegas

If it feels like you never have enough time in the morning and you’re always rushing out the door, perhaps it’s time to look for ways you can save time during your morning routine. Closet & Storage Concepts serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area specializes in creating smart storage and organizational solutions that can…

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New Year’s Resolutions For A More Organized Home

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As we get ready to ring in the New Year, you may be thinking about how you can make this coming year better than the one coming to an end. Resolutions are great things to have, but they often fizzle out after the first couple weeks or months. Setting realistic goals for your home and…

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Custom Closet Designs for Kids

Cleaning and organizing a child’s bedroom can often feel like a full-time job for Las Vegas families. No matter how many times a day you pick up their toys and clothes, it all seems to reappear on the floor shortly after. However, Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada has a solution for this problem. Design…

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