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Garage Organizers

Custom Storage for Your Garage

garage organization henderson

It’s time to get the car back into the garage and still have space for storage. The right custom garage storage opens up parking space, helps with organization, and safely store off-season items while making it easy to access the current season’s gear.  Effective Garage Storage Solutions To maximize garage space and keep everything organized,…

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How to Make Space for Your Hobbies

custom garage cabinets nevada

Whether your hobby is golfing, scrapbooking, working on your car, or refinishing furniture, we all need space for hobbies in our homes. Hobbies are important; they help define us, pass the time and build camaraderie with other like-minded people. Do you need to make some space for your hobbies in your home? Closet & Storage…

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Custom Solutions For Your Garage

garage storage nevada

Summer is fast approaching and it might be time to pump air back into your bike tires, dig for the toolkit buried after your last warm-weather project, or dust the cobwebs off your camping supplies. However, if you can barely walk through your garage without tripping over clutter, this may seem like an impossible task.…

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3 Storage Solutions for Nevada Homes

Let’s face it, living in Nevada, especially near Las Vegas is a unique experience. A plentitude of outdoor activities, the need for a great home theater during the summer, and the occasional houseguest looking to save some money on hotels can all present challenges when it comes to having enough space in your home. With…

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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

garage spring cleaning Las Vegas

As we enter the spring season, homeowners across Las Vegas and Henderson are likely starting to think about this year’s spring cleaning tasks. One area that probably could use some extra attention in many homes is the garage. This is a good time to tackle a garage organization project before it gets too hot. Closet…

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3 Places Where You Could Improve Your Storage

garage clutter Las Vegas

The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts serving Henderson, Las Vegas, Summerlin, and the surrounding areas are seasoned professionals in the art of storage and organization. We create custom solutions for every area of the home built around your own lifestyle, storage needs, and available space. There are certain areas of the home that are…

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Get This Simple Tool For Ultimate Garage Organization

You’ve seen this tool in the garages you envy: it puts everything on display, ready at a moment’s notice for any kind of project, easy to find and organize. Plus, it just looks cool – like something you’d find in a professional mechanic’s shop. What is this mystery item? The pegboard, of course! If you…

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Custom Garage Storage Ideas & Methods

garage and tool storage Las Vegas

An organized garage makes for a more pleasant summer, as well as more efficient management of activities year round. Having easy access to your tools, sports equipment, landscaping items, and other belongings simply makes life easier across the board. Use these garage storage ideas and methods from Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas to…

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Storage Methods For Successful Garage Organization

garage organization henderson

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Henderson, NV, we specialize in creating custom storage solutions for all spaces. One such space that many homeowners often have trouble organizing is the garage. Between hobby equipment, storage boxes for out of season items, and outdoor gear (not to mention sufficient space for your car), achieving a…

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Simple Tips For An Organized Garage

garage organization tips las vegas and henderson, nevada

You may be looking at your summer to-do list and feeling disappointed there are some projects that didn’t get crossed off. Even though summer is officially over, it doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to tackle one of your summer projects. For many homeowners in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, organizing the garage feels…

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