Make Room for Life


Organizing the Perfect Study Space for Kids

There’s no escaping the fact that kids need to study, and that can put a lot of homes in some turmoil. Studying tends not to be as enticing as playing outdoors or racking up experience points in a video game. Nonetheless, parents everywhere are working out ways to get those kids in front of an…

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Custom Closet Designs for Kids

Cleaning and organizing a child’s bedroom can often feel like a full-time job for Las Vegas families. No matter how many times a day you pick up their toys and clothes, it all seems to reappear on the floor shortly after. However, Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada has a solution for this problem. Design…

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How To Make the Indoors Fun On Hot Summer Days

Kids Entertainment Center, Henderson NV

Keeping kids entertained all summer can present a challenge for many parents. There are only so many camps, leagues, and day cares that one family can handle, and some days in Henderson, NV, are just too darn hot to send the kids playing outside. Creating an indoor entertainment center can be the perfect solution to…

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Organization Tips For Your Child’s Closet

Child's Closet

  We know it’s hard enough keeping your own closet organized, let alone your child’s. With its unofficial role as the discarding area for all extra clothes, toys, and sports equipment, things can get pretty cluttered. With these tips from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts proudly serving the greater Las Vegas area, you’ll…

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