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Las Vegas Homeowner Tips: Closest Organization for Your Accessories

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Keeping an organized space 24/7 is tough. Life happens, and these days keeping balanced at home can be especially tough. While chucking your hats and bags to the back of your closet may work as a temporary fix, it’s best to invest in a long-term custom storage solution that actually works. Save yourself from closet…

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Popular Closet Color Schemes in Las Vegas

When it comes to the things that homeowners and would-be homeowners value the most, you’ll find that abundant closet space is one of those top priorities. Custom closet and organization systems are valuable assets for your current life, and for potential future resale value. It’s easy to see why people focus on the details of…

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Cutting Down Clutter In Your Closet

If you're like millions of Americans, you've watched at least one episode of Marie Kondo's Netflix program, Tidying Up. Step one of her method is to remove every scrap of clothing from your closet and bureau drawers and pile it in one place. Next, you're supposed to examine each piece of clothing to see if it "sparks joy." If not, you should release…

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5 Must-Have features in a Custom Closet

The great thing about custom closets is that you can build them any way you want. You get to choose the features that will truly make it your own. As you plan your custom closet, consider these five features that you really don’t want to do without. Specialty Drawers Jewelry and intimate garments can easily…

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Popular Closet Color Schemes

With a nearly infinite number of colors, it can seem impossible to pick the perfect shades for your closet. The reality is that the right closet color can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the space – but don’t panic! Allow the experts here at Closet & Storage Concepts to help you…

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Designing an Efficient Custom Closet

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While everyone wants a luxurious walk-in closet to store their items boutique-style, not every home has the space. If you have a reach-in and are trying to store the same amount of clothes as you would in your imaginary walk-in, it’s essential to find some organizational hacks to make the most of what you have.…

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Custom Closets in the Modern Style

In the world of interior design, there exists a huge array of decor options. Closets can be styled in accordance with the rest of a home, and at Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, we believe in functional design. That’s why, when it comes to closet design, modernism is a perfect choice! Its simple…

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Custom Storage Ideas For Small Closets

small custom closets in henderson

When most Henderson homeowners or apartment dwellers imagine custom closets, they picture huge walk-in storage spaces with ample room for their vast wardrobes. In reality, however, many of us don't have the luxury of space. Our closets aren't meant for impressing guests, but rather, for function, and that's exactly where customization with Closet & Storage Concepts of…

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Custom Closet Designs for Kids

Cleaning and organizing a child’s bedroom can often feel like a full-time job for Las Vegas families. No matter how many times a day you pick up their toys and clothes, it all seems to reappear on the floor shortly after. However, Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada has a solution for this problem. Design…

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Small Closet Organization

So you have a smaller closet than you’d like. Let’s be honest, we’d all love more closet space, right? Well, there’s probably more space in your closet than you think, you might just not be using it! Closet and Storage Concepts of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is bringing you some helpful hints on how…

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