Make Room for Life

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Ideas For Upgrading Your Garage For Summer

The garage tends to be a place to store all equipment, tools, and outdoor gear. Oftentimes, storing all of these miscellaneous items can result in clutter. Having an organized garage space can help you stay productive and active. As summer approaches, make sure you have a usable garage space by implementing one or more of…

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Custom Solutions For Your Garage

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Summer is fast approaching and it might be time to pump air back into your bike tires, dig for the toolkit buried after your last warm-weather project, or dust the cobwebs off your camping supplies. However, if you can barely walk through your garage without tripping over clutter, this may seem like an impossible task.…

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Custom Garage Storage Ideas & Methods

garage and tool storage Las Vegas

An organized garage makes for a more pleasant summer, as well as more efficient management of activities year round. Having easy access to your tools, sports equipment, landscaping items, and other belongings simply makes life easier across the board. Use these garage storage ideas and methods from Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas to…

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