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Increase Productivity In Your Home Office

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Working from home is becoming common among entrepreneurs, freelancers, and office employees alike. While remote working provides numerous perks, the organization of your home office may actually be hindering your productivity. Here are some tips from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Nevada for organizing your home office to improve your productivity. Minimize Desk…

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Where To Use Murphy Beds In Your Home

Some people refer to Murphy beds as panel or wall beds. These innovative and stylish space-savers store flat against the wall or inside of a cabinet when not in use. When you pull them down, they provide the comfort of any high-quality bed. If you could use some extra space to house guests overnight, you…

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A Custom Home Office for the Modern Telecommuter

As telecommuting grows in popularity, maximizing your space and functionality while creating a sleek space you'd be happy to work at every day makes all the difference. Customizing your office to meet your needs while keeping things practical is fun and lets you get exactly what you want. Talk to the expert team here at…

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Organizing the Perfect Study Space for Kids

There’s no escaping the fact that kids need to study, and that can put a lot of homes in some turmoil. Studying tends not to be as enticing as playing outdoors or racking up experience points in a video game. Nonetheless, parents everywhere are working out ways to get those kids in front of an…

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Making Space For A Custom Home Office

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If you’re under the impression that you need to have a spare room to set up a home office, we’re going to let you in on a little secret; that’s not the case! An underutilized hallway closet, as well as an open corner in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen can often suffice for a…

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Smart Home Office Design Methods

custom home office Nevada

Creating the perfect home office requires planning. Having a smart design and sensible storage is especially important considering one of the main purposes of this area is to increase productivity and efficiency. There are many methods you can employ, and different designs work for different people. That’s why a custom home office design will result…

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Custom Home Office Solutions for the Telecommuter

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Thanks to our ability to easily communicate and share information to people and places all over the world, more and more homeowners are finding themselves in professions that allow the flexibility to work from home. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to make sure you have an efficient and comfortable home office…

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3 Key Components Of Home Office Storage

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Here in the Henderson-Las Vegas area, many people either work from home exclusively or have a home office for when they need it. Having an organized home office can help relieve stress and keep you focused during the workday. There are many ways to organize a home office and many methods for storage. Finding what…

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