5 Luxurious Features for Your Custom Closet

5 Luxurious Features for Your Custom Closet

Closets can easily be a dull, drab place in your Minneapolis home. But this shouldn’t be the case – especially when you start each morning here looking for outfit inspiration. At Closet and Storage Concepts Minneapolis, we think a touch of luxury goes a long way. After all, it feels special and relaxing to indulge in a little luxury. We’re here to share 5 custom closet features that will instantly elevate your closet from drab to luxurious. Luxurious Custom Closet Minneapolis

The Finish

When you design your custom closet, you have a few choices in regards to finish. All of the shelves, cabinets, and drawers are available in various materials. For the upmost elegance, we recommend using glass. Glass has a delicate appearance, but also makes a statement and goes with a variety of aesthetic styles. You can choose between a transparent or frosted finish depending on your personal preferences. Pair glass with chrome, black, or gold accents in elements like knobs and you will have a recipe for absolutely luxury.

Light Fixtures

Every detail adds to the atmosphere inside your closet. Lighting is one that can’t be overlooked. First off, it’s important to make sure you have the right amount of light. Some people like their closet to be super well-lit so you can see your outfits, and others prefer a moodier, dim environment. Either way, the addition of chandeliers or intricate light fixtures provide an air of sophistication. 


One benefit of a custom closet is that you can find your own way to show off your favorite items. Depending on your layout, we can make sure you have easy access to the items you wear the most and prominently display the ones you love to look at. While some may prefer stacked shelving or cubbies to organize a gradient of jean, you may want dedicated drawers for your accessories with a glass top so you can see everything inside like you would at a jewelry store. 

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Color Scheme

On a similar note to the finish of your closet, a color scheme can make a big difference. All white is a classic choice for a clean, untouched, elegant look. On the other hand, all black or dark colors create a mature mood that is equally as luxurious.


Seating within your closet is a popular addition, and for good reason. Imagine sitting inside your very own custom closet while you plan out your next stunning outfit. We’ve probably all awkwardly struggled putting on shoes while standing. However, with a bench or ottoman, you can simply slip on your final touches and feel like you’re getting dressed at your favorite boutique.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to treat yourself to luxury in your custom closet? Our design experts at Closet and Storage Concepts Minneapolis are here to help. Contact us today and start with a free, in-home estimate! We proudly serve the greater Twin Cities area and look forward to building your dream closet! 

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