Designing a Fashion-Focused Closet

Designing a Fashion-Focused Closet

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At the heart of every love of fashion is a carefully curated closet. When you’ve spent time and effort selecting the perfect pieces, you should have a stunning closet to match. Here are some tips from the design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis for designing the perfect fashion closet.

Handbags on Display

Handbags are more than just a collection. They are carefully selected and beloved pieces in any wardrobe. Install individual floating shelves on the wall in your closet to put them on display. This way your bags can be visible and enjoyed whenever you enter the space.

Organize Your Shoes

Devote a section of your closet to your shoes. A floor to ceiling shelving unit is a luxurious addition to any closet that will give you ample storage for your shoe collection. You can incorporate finishing touches like glass doors or pull out shelves to give your closet a boutique feel.

Accessory Storage

Elevate your closet with storage devoted specifically to your accessories. There are many effective ways to store jewelry, but one of our most recommended methods is in drawers. Custom drawers will keep your pieces organized, safe, and accessible. A glass top will allow you to see everything inside, and give your closet a luxurious vibe.


One of the most important, yet often overlooked components of a truly great closet is lighting. Proper lighting not only helps you see all the pieces you have in your closet, but it also gives it a high-end feel. Consider in-unit lighting that will illuminate every time you open the cabinet door. Track lights are also effective for lighting the entirety of your closet. Focus specific bulbs on areas of your closet you want to feature, such as your handbags or shoes.

The goal of a fashion-focused closet is to feel like you’re shopping every time you open the door. The design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis can help you design the custom closet of your dreams. Call us to schedule a free in-home design consultation or visit our showroom today.

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