Stylish Interior Trends For Your Closet

Stylish Interior Trends For Your Closet

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Minneapolis homeowners and homebuyers consider storage one of their top “must haves” when looking to buy a home or improve the functionality of their current home. A well-organized bedroom closet is often the first thing people dream of when they imagine their perfect home. However, many find designing a custom closet to be a daunting task. But, never fear – the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts are here! Our personalized closets will incorporate the latest trends and aesthetics, while maximizing the functionality of your space. Take a look at a few key features to consider in your custom closet.

Open Storage

In keeping with the popular desire for a more minimalistic approach to design, open storage is one of the hottest trends for all types of closet storage. In a bedroom closet, open storage systems maximize available space and keep bulky furniture pieces to a minimum. However, keep in mind that clothing and accessories will be more on display, so open systems are best for those who are diligent about folding and putting away clothes every day. Not only will open storage make it easier to see and find what you are looking for, but it gives the feel of a boutique closet.

Adjustable Storage

Organization experts encourage the habit of packing up off-season clothing or accessories and storing them elsewhere when you’re not using them. This will keep clutter to a minimum and keep your closet focused on this season’s wardrobe. Adjustable features make it easier to reorganize your wardrobe on multiple racks or shelves so you can prioritize your different items when necessary. With flexible storage like pull-down closet rods, you can double the amount of available hanging space you have for clothes.

Cool Gray

Gray has become the color of choice for most homeowners today. From darker gray for kitchen cabinets to lighter shades for the walls of rooms throughout the house, gray is a color that caters to the minimalist approach to interior design. Its cool undertones offer a relaxing feel, while it is neutral enough to complement a wide variety of aesthetics and décor.

Mixing Metal

Some of the trendiest light fixtures are embracing mixed metal colors. Matte black and burnished brass are showing up on light fixtures everywhere. Edison lights are a nod to the past in a fashion-forward approach to lighting design. Talk to us about your options with custom detailing to put a truly personal touch on your design.

Custom Closet Organizing Systems

A customized closet storage system will alleviate any stress from cluttered space in your home – especially when it comes to getting ready for the day each morning. Instead of trying to sandwich mismatched storage systems together, opt for a custom system that’s designed to take advantage of every available inch you have for storage. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis, we want to prove to you that looks and functionality aren’t mutually exclusive. Speak with an associate today to measure and plan the closet of your dreams.

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