Custom Furniture to Fit Your Hobbies

Custom Furniture to Fit Your Hobbies

Starting new crafts or hobbies always seems exciting, but the items required for the project can quickly add up. Having a designated place to work and store everything can make a big difference, especially if you’re short on space. When considering designs for added storage space, there are a number of custom storage options available. The key is keeping things organized while staying stylish enough to blend into the existing décor. Whether you’re a bookworm or have a green thumb, Closet & Storage Concepts can build the storage system for you. Here are a few considerations to make when dreaming up your hobby space. 


Custom craft storage MinneapolisCraft Stations

Crafts often include a variety of small items that need careful storing. The good news is we can build drawers, shelves, cabinets, and more to perfectly accommodate whatever you need. Shallow drawers are great for avoiding creating a dreaded junk drawer where you’ll likely lose small items over time. Allow us to customize a craft station to your needs that perfectly fits your space. From corner nooks to spare rooms, a custom craft set up will give you the space you need to work without sacrificing efficiency and organized storage.


Work Benches

Garages have endless possibilities for organization, but all too often they become the catch-all for miscellaneous or oversized items. Allow us to transform that with custom storage. For the car aficionado or home fixer-upper, a workbench is essential for keeping tools, sharp screws, or bulky equipment in a convenient and safe location.

A wall mounted peg-board system will allow you to organize small items like bolts, nails, screws, washers, and more in individual bins so you don’t have to spend time looking for the right piece mid-project. Use hooks to display your most-used tools or keep dangerous items far from the reach of young children. A bench to sit will keep you from bending over or on your feet all day.



Who said a hobby had to be labor-intensive? If your true passion lies in the pages of innumerable books, don’t let them sit disorganized and dusty in piles around the house. A custom bookshelf will give you space and opportunity for your collection to shine. A built-in will not only allow you to organize your books however you like, but it is a great way to elevate the décor of your home.


Custom Media UnitMedia Centers

For those who love games, puzzles, movies, and music, entertainment centers can transform a bland living room into a collaborative space that highlights all your hobbies. Our custom designed units will fit your space and your lifestyle however you need. Choose from a wide variety of materials to perfectly complement your existing furniture and leave the rest up to us. Open shelving can display your record player and collection of vinyl, while deep drawers can hold movies – both feature films and precious family moments.


No matter your hobby, Closet & Storage Concepts can help find the perfect solution. Contact the experts here in Plymouth to learn more about how we can help you Make Room For Life®. We proudly serve the greater Twin Cities and can’t wait to work with you! 

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