Storage Solutions for the Garage

Storage Solutions for the Garage

Custom garage storage MinneapolisAlthough the garage is designed to store your car, it often becomes too cluttered and cramped to serve its purpose. Garages have a tendency to turn into a catch-all for miscellaneous boxes, bulky seasonal gear, and disorganized household or garden tools. Not only does the car no longer fit, but there’s barely any room to walk.

Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis can help you stop the madness by building a custom storage solution that transforms your garage into a useful and efficient space. Here are several ideas to consider when you’re ready to reclaim your garage space.

Garage Shelving and Wall Cabinets

Garage shelving keeps items organized and visible, while wall cabinets provide ample storage with a clean, streamlined appearance. The most important factor for garage shelving and wall cabinets is that they be sturdy enough to withstand the weighty objects they’re intended to hold. We install floor-mounted as well as wall-hung systems, and all are extra sturdy to withstand heavy items and use. Choose the depth, height, and style to align with your needs.

Garage Slat Board Wall System

If your garage isn’t big enough for custom cabinetry and you need an additional storage option, our slat board wall system can come to the rescue. Slat boards can be installed from floor to ceiling throughout the entire garage or in specific areas you choose. This interchangeable system accommodates a wide range of accessories, with the ability to add shelves, baskets, hooks and more. It’s an ingenious way to create a space for everything, moving them around as frequently as you need.

Custom garage tool storage and workbenches MinneapolisGarage Storage Racks

Garage storage racks are a dream come true for storing tools, sports equipment, brooms, and anything else that needs a handy place to hang. Your most-needed tools can be kept within view and within reach for quick adjustments and fixes. Convenient and movable, our storage racks are mounted right into the slat-board wall system.

Garage Work Benches

Garage workbenches offer an efficient place to develop a hobby or skill and make repairs when necessary. Whether you prefer to stand or sit while you work, we can build a unit just for you. Incorporate custom storage drawers for anything you need to work and you’ll never have to go searching around the garage for a missing tool. Our workbenches are finished with an impeccable surface to look sleek and stylish, while also being durable enough for any of your projects. 

Get your garage back with organization solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis. Proudly serving the greater Twin Cities, our experts here in Plymouth are always happy to help you Make Room For Life®. Contact us today.

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