Custom Storage Solutions Around the House

Custom Storage Solutions Around the House

Life is fast. Clutter happens. At Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis, our specialists work around the clock to find you the perfect solutions for your household needs. From closets and pantries to garages and more, we do it all.

In order to get you more organized, we have put together our favorite custom storage solutions around the home. Consider this advice on the house – that’s just another way we’re Minnesota nice.

Best Snack Storage Hacks

Many pantries serve as overstuffed food hoards, packed from floor to ceiling with soups, snacks, and assorted nonperishables. In these chaotic spaces, it’s easy for items to sit, sour, and expire unnoticed. 

Organized ingredients in a Minneapolis pantry

Make sure your pantries are space-saving and organized by:

  • Improving Visibility: You’re not going to eat what you can’t see. Using wire racks and drawers increase food visibility, which in turn decreases the likelihood that your favorite tasty treats are going to perish before you enjoy them. Open-faced shelving is also an excellent option, allowing for quick appraisal, selection, and retrieval of your food inventory.
  • Improving Accessibility: For families with little ones, it can be easy to forget that your child is vertically challenged. Consider moving snack items – or healthy options – to locations where small hands can find them. If your pantry does not currently have shelving, drawers, or cabinetry on the lower levels, consider adding them.

Declutter Your Closet

Like pantries, closets can quickly turn into untidy treasure troves without proper management, and proper management can be difficult without sufficient storage. Don’t let your closet turn into a dirty clothes receptacle!

A well-organized Minneapolis closet courtesy of Closet & Storage ConceptsInstead, consider organizing your closet with the help of:

  • Adjustable Shelving: The primary benefit of adjustable shelving is in the name: they’re adjustable. The ability to raise or lower each shelf allows you to customize – and ultimately maximize – the storage capacity of your shelving units to meet your specific requirements.
  • Pullout Hampers: Stash your dirty clothes in a pull-out hamper that blends into your closet! With proper design and installation, your hampers can hide in plain sight or behind cabinet doors, whichever you prefer.

Manage Your Garage

Garages can devolve into cardboard cemeteries of Christmas decorations and sporting equipment. Without a place to start, garage clutter can feel overwhelming, and it can be tough to find the motivation even to begin the necessary cleanout.

Slat wall tool storage in a Minneapolis garage

Fear no more! Avoid guest-starring on an episode of Hoarders with:

  • Wall Storage: Get your tools out of the toolbox and display them visually with the aid of a slat wall or pegboard tool storage. The same principles for optimizing visibility in your pantry apply to your garage – you won’t use what you can’t find, and you won’t find what you can’t see.
  • Sports Rack: If you’re swerving to avoid toys or equipment in your garage, consider investing in a sports rack to consolidate your family’s fun items safely. They are simple to install, easy to use, and ensure that none of your favorite things end up crunched under a tire.

Get Started Today

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Photos: © nedjelly, © Vesivus

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