Custom Features For Kids Closets

Custom Features For Kids Closets

When you have children, their closets can seem like a never-ending source of mess and frustration. Adding to this is the fact that, depending on the age of your children, many of their clothes will become unusable within a year. Even so, keeping their closets organized will help your son or daughter feel less overwhelmed when choosing clothes in the morning as well as make it easier to find other things they need.

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis, we want to help you design a space that works with their wardrobes and changing needs. Take a look at a few of our top tips for children’s custom closets

Custom Kid's Closets Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Allow the Closet to Grow

A young child may find a traditional closet frustrating because he or she can’t reach anything independently while an older child might not want a closet that seems designed for someone much younger. This might seem like a lose-lose situation, but it doesn’t have to be! Choose adjustable shelving to have a completely adaptable space that can change as your child gets older. When a growth spurt means a six-inch height increase in less than a year, both you and your child will appreciate the ability to simply move the shelves around rather than be stuck with low shelving and not enough hanging space.

Make Space For What They Love

If your child plays sports, there’s a good chance the equipment alone can take up more than half a closet. Allocate the space for bulky items they might need for games and choose open cubbies for items they use frequently and may not want to put away neatly. This way, they don’t have to worry about folding a game day jersey multiple times in a week and the closet will still look tidy. The same is true if he or she has a budding hobby and had begun to collect supplies. Don’t disregard the small things – we want to make sure that this closet works with your child’s lifestyle as best as possible. 

Customize Based On Wardrobe

Although you may deliberately limit the clothing choices of younger children, teenagers often start buying their own clothing and need the space to store it. Adding an extra rod for hanging items, a shoe rack to organize footwear, and ample open storage for folded clothes can help keep the closet as neat as possible. Going through your child’s clothes at the start of each new season and donating anything that no longer fits is also a good way to avoid an overstuffed and cluttered closet.

Get Started Today!

Closet and Storage Concepts Minneapolis invites you to schedule a free in-home consultation online or by visiting our local showroom. We will send design experts to your home to evaluate your child’s current closet space and make recommendations for how to improve it. We also leave you with a free estimate after answering your questions and helping you evaluate your various options. Call us today to get started! 


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