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How to Correctly Store Accessories in Your Closet

Do you struggle to find room in your closet to properly store your accessories? Many of us do, and it can be difficult to find ways to keep these items organized when dealing with odd sizes or shapes. Here, Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis has collected a guide for how to properly store your accessories…

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Stylish Interior Trends For Your Closet

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Minneapolis homeowners and homebuyers consider storage one of their top “must haves” when looking to buy a home or improve the functionality of their current home. A well-organized bedroom closet is often the first thing people dream of when they imagine their perfect home. However, many find designing a custom closet to be a daunting…

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Designing a Fashion-Focused Closet

luxury closet Minneapolis

At the heart of every love of fashion is a carefully curated closet. When you’ve spent time and effort selecting the perfect pieces, you should have a stunning closet to match. Here are some tips from the design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Minneapolis for designing the perfect fashion closet. Handbags on Display Handbags…

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