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6 Fashion-Forward Custom Closet Ideas to Make a Statement

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A custom closet allows you to create the ideal storage configuration for your clothing and personal items. However, you can really make it your own by adding special touches that exude style and personality. Consider these six fashion-forward closet décor ideas from Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto to transform your closet space into one of true sophistication and beauty.

custom closet modestoUnconventional Configurations

A custom closet is your chance to cater to your preferences down to the smallest details. If you prefer the closet rod to be lower and shelving for shoes and handbags to be more prominently placed, it’s your prerogative to design it this way. An unconventional style configuration can set your closet apart and make a major style statement.

Add Flourishes Using Luxury Materials

Once your custom closet basics are fully designed and in place, consider how some unexpected accents using luxury materials might further enhance the style. An artfully textured back panel, tile accents, glass shelves, ornate cabinet faces, and leather or metal accents are just a few ideas. Boutique closets have become a popular trend and we want to help you embrace your creativity to turn your closet from simple to elegant. 

Showcase Items

You can also use your own wardrobe as part of the design of your closet space. Whether it’s a prized designer handbag, a pair of favorite shoes just off the runway, or a collection of breathtaking scarves and head wraps, these items can function as an ideal focal point for your closet and/or move the eye around the space. Include custom shelving or display cubbies for these items as part of your custom closet design. You can also rotate your display item(s) every so often for some visual variety.

Include a Vanity & Seating Area

A small vanity with a chair, ottoman, or stylish bench can be the perfect addition to a larger walk-in closet. Cover the seat in velvet, silk, satin or even faux fur to create a more tactile, luxurious, and trendy feel. Comfort is key, and you deserve the very best in your Modesto home’s custom closet.

Light it Up

You likely don’t need too much lighting in your closet, but what you choose should be ideal and high-quality. Track lighting can beam a spotlight on your treasured wardrobe items, and recessed lighting creates a more integrated and modern feel. A chandelier can create either a throwback or highly contemporary look depending upon your style choice. A small lamp in your seating area near the mirror can also be a nice touch.

Decorative Elements That Reflect Your Personal Style

Finish your closet design with the undeniable flair of your personal taste and style. Selecting key accessories like an antique floor-length mirror, ornate tray, modern wall hangings, and even artwork can truly make it your own. When it comes to your own accessories, we can build drawers with custom inserts for your watches, jewelry, sunglasses and more. Don’t resort to a catch-all tray in your bathroom. Have a designated space to store and showcase your valuables. 

Designing a custom closet is an opportunity to create an atmosphere that’s really special and truly your own. Use these six ideas to inspire the ultimate fashion-forward space you’ll love. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto today! We proudly serve the greater Modesto,  Turlock, and Manteca areas. Schedule a free in-home design consultation today or visit our showroom to learn more.