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6 Space-Saving Décor & Storage Ideas For Students

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storage ideas for students Modesto

storage ideas for students ModestoAttending college usually means working within a limited budget and, if you don’t live with parents, in a limited space. Of course, all of this serves the greater good as you focus on your studies and earn your degree.

Fortunately, there are ways to maximize even the smallest of spaces, stay organized, and even still have plenty of storage. Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto offers the following custom closet design and storage ideas for your dorm room or efficiency apartment: 

1. Optimize Built-in Shelving

Adding shelves to existing wall space can create new storage without diminishing the size of the room. Existing bookshelves can be used to store textbooks and other personal items. Backing the shelving with mirrors can help to create the illusion of a more open space.  

2. Murphy Beds 

The addition of a Murphy bed can expand a living space, as it allows the bed to be completely hidden away when not in use. This makes it possible for a dorm room, bedroom, or efficiency apartment to feel immediately larger and more functional during the day. You’ll have more space in which to spread out your books and study, and also an entertaining area if you want to have friends over. Murphy beds from Closet & Storage Concepts can also be designed with additional shelving, cabinetry, and drawers for further storage versatility.

3. Built-In Desk & Office Storage

You’ll need a place to study, and adding a built-in desk as well as office storage can make your study area highly appealing. Add shelving and/or drawers to customize the space to your liking. Stackable storage or rollaway storage can also help to conserve space and make it easy to hide things away when not in use.

4. Maximize Closet Space

If you have a closet in your room at all, it’s likely on the smaller side. However, adding another hanging rod and vertical floor-to-ceiling shelving can help make the most of even a tiny closet. Create a system for rotating seasonal items to the back of your closet when not in use, so more frequently-used items are easy to reach.

5. Add Extra Storage Efficiently

Still need more storage? Consider adding a wall unit with shelving, drawers, and sleek doors to cover and close away the storage unit for better aesthetics in the room. Get creative by adding trunk storage that doubles as seating for you or your guests.

6. Color & Lighting Matters

Lastly, consider your lighting options and décor color choices carefully. If you have the flexibility to make additional changes to your space, recessed lighting offers a sleek and contemporary look that can make the space look larger. Favor light colors to give the illusion of a larger space, or experiment with making the far wall a darker color, which will cause it to recede visually.

Students can be among the most spatially challenged of all of us, but we’re here to help make the most of even the smallest of spaces. Whether you’re a student yourself or a parent of one, consider these storage ideas when decorating your student’s space. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto today to learn more or to schedule a free in-home consultation!


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