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Creating A Multi-Use Space With A Murphy Bed

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murphy bed & home office combo

murphy bed & home office comboMany homeowners in the Modesto, Manteca, and Turlock areas run into a common dilemma when trying to find space in their homes for all of their needs. They don’t want to give up their guest room, but they also want a space that can work as a home office or a playroom for their kids. Closet & Storage Concepts provides smart space-saving solutions for every area of the home. One furniture solution that can accomplish all of the above is the Murphy bed. If you’re looking to create a multi-use space in your home, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Common Combinations

There are many different areas that work well when installing a Murphy bed in your home, and there are a number of combinations you can create that will result in an efficient multipurpose room. Some common combinations include:

  • Guest Room & Home Office Combo

Installing a Murphy bed can create a space that functions as both a home office and a guest room. You’ll have a comfortable bed for guests when you need it, but when you don’t, you can fold the bed away and have the extra space for your office. Closet & Storage Concepts offers a variety of Murphy bed & desk options that allow you to create a functional and cohesive unit all in one.

  • Guest Room & Craft Room Combo

Another common solution is combining your craft room and guest room into one. There are many different styles of Murphy beds, so finding the one that fits best in your space is easy. If your craft room has slanted ceilings or unique spatial limitations, maybe a horizontal Murphy bed is what you need. If you want plenty of extra storage for your craft supplies, you can opt for additional storage areas. Drawers, cabinetry, and shelving are all available Murphy bed add-ons.

  • Children’s Bedroom & Playroom Combo

Murphy beds aren’t only for guests. They’re so comfortable and versatile that they also work great as an everyday sleeper. Perhaps your home doesn’t have an extra room you can devote to your child’s playroom. A twin size Murphy bed can be installed in your child’s bedroom to create a bedroom and playroom combination. Your child will have a comfortable bed for sleeping, but then it can fold away in the morning, freeing up floor space for toys and games.

Why Choose A Murphy Bed?

If you’re not sure if a Murphy bed is right for you, let us share with you some of its benefits. Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy beds use a real mattress. That means a more comfortable night of sleep for you and your guests without the discomfort caused by awkward folds and lumps. Murphy beds are also safe and easy to use. The counterbalanced system makes folding them up and down simple, usually requiring just one hand. Not only are they versatile and practical, but they also look great! Our Murphy beds come in a variety of colors and finishes, which makes it easy to find the one that matches your décor style.

To learn more about how you can create a multipurpose area in your home using a Murphy bed, contact your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto today!