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Recommended Elements For Your Walk-In Closet Design

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walk-in closet - Modesto, CA

walk-in closet - Modesto, CAIf your home currently has a walk-in closet that needs a remodel, or if you have the space to create one, knowing which elements to include in your design will be important. Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto, CA has some expertise to offer. Read on to explore our expert recommendations for making sure your custom walk-in closet has everything you need when it’s complete.

Creating Your Design

One of the great things about designing and customizing your closet is you can pick and choose every element, from the storage components you include to the design style and how it looks. We all have different lifestyles, tastes, and storage needs, which is why the custom solution is the route that will give you the best fit. However, there are a few things that we feel are important to include in most walk-in closet designs.

Closet Island – A closet island is a versatile piece you should take advantage of if you have the space. It not only adds an interesting visual element, but it’s also very practical. You can use the top surface for things like folding clothes and storing decorative elements like jewelry boxes. You can also include additional storage drawers or shelving around the island for added utility. Closet islands are great for working professionals, as it’s handy to set your outfits out the night before to save time in the morning.

Built-In Lighting – Lighting is important in all closets, but it’s especially necessary in walk-in closets where there’s more space to light. Built-in lighting can provide concentrated illumination to specific areas, making it easier to see what you’re looking for. One of our favorite lighting options is recessed lighting with dimming functionality. You can create a sophisticated display by installing this lighting style on decorative shelves. Place a mirror on the back wall of the shelf to get more out of your light as it reflects outward. Lighting is both practical, as well as something that can add a welcoming and feel.

Full-Length Mirror – Utilize a full-length mirror (or a couple of them) to make sure you have a convenient place to view your outfits when getting ready. You can opt for a decorative statement piece that stands on the floor, or choose the maximum efficiency route and install it on one of the cabinet doors to keep it out of the way.

Seating – Include some form of seating in your walk-in closet to round out its style and functionality. Whether you do this in the form of a storage bench, a vanity seat, or a charming armchair, having a seat in your closet is great for putting on shoes or simply serving as a comfortable resting place.

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When you customize your walk-in closet design, the options are endless. We’re standing by to make sure you end up with the closet of your dreams. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts serving the greater Modesto, Manteca, and Turlock areas. We offer free in-home consultations and estimates with our design experts who look forward to working with you!