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Storage Solutions Through the Seasons

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custom closet for bedrooms

custom closet for bedrooms

Changing the organization and layout of your closet on a seasonal basis can help you keep your life streamlined. Cut down on clutter from hefty winter coats by storing them in the summer, and make what you’re actually wearing easily accessible and directly on-hand. Closet & Storage Concepts has compiled our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your closet organized throughout the seasons.


Winter is the season when your closet is most full. Bulky jackets, sweaters, and scarves simply take up a lot of space. When designing your closet, it’s important to consider how much space your winter clothes will take up. To maximize space and best organize your closet, we recommend separate storage for accessories such as scarves and leggings. To avoid cramping your closet with winter coats, these can be hung up in a slightly separate area. This is where closet dividers come in handy!


For that classic spring clean, start by storing your winter clothes out of the way. This should open up a huge amount of space in your main closet. We recommend the highest drawers in your closet or under-bed storage for bulky, out-of-seasoning clothing. It’s a good idea to keep at least one or two jackets on-hand, as well as scarves and leggings, to stay prepared for unexpected cold days.


It’s time to bring out your warm clothing! We recommending letting summer clothes take center-stage of your closet, with scarves and heavy jackets stored away. Putting cold-weather items in the top drawers of your closet is a good fix, and prevents the closet from feeling cluttered. Storage space on the closet floor can minimize the room you have to work with. You can also store cold weather clothes in a separate room with a seldom-used closet.


Once Autumn rolls around, you should plan on bringing out at least one winter coat. The seasons aren’t always predictable, and it’s good to start pulling cold-weather clothes out ahead of time. Accessories such as scarves can come out too. Your summer clothes won’t see much use as the air gets chillier, so we recommend folding them up and storing them in drawers.

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