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Custom Boutique Closets for Your Home

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Customized closets are not merely engines of home organization and efficiency – they can also be things of great beauty, as in the case of the boutique closet. Boutique closets are the perfect option for fashion experimentation and organization in the comfort of your own Modesto home. Today, the storage and design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts want to overview boutique closets, the unique meeting of fashion and custom organization!

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Walk In and Stay Awhile

One of the most exciting features of a walk-in boutique closet is its capacity for the look and feel of a glamorous backstage dressing room. Walk-in closets are perfect for fashionistas looking to include a strong dressing routine in their daily lives.

Mannequins, center islands, and vanity mirrors all create a dramatic ambience, and extra seating can provide comfort for guests should you wish to model for an audience in your own custom boutique closet.

Small Item Storage

For smaller items like socks or ties, a sliding drawer with inserts is a fine solution. Small items have a tendency to clutter and mix with one another. With a compartmentalized storage unit, you are free to tuck these safely away, and to pull them out for perusal instead of trying to sift through large quantities of them!

Laundry baskets are a tried-and-true means of stowing dirty clothing. However, in your beautifully organized boutique closet, a basket of clothing in need of a wash may not be a welcome addition to your design plans! Consider a pull-out laundry hamper for quick disposal of used clothing. Rather than keeping yesterday’s fashion option in view, enjoy some clean, empty closet space and keep that dirty laundry conveniently out of sight.

Molding Design

To begin, you should think carefully about the edge molding in your boutique closet. Subtle style additions to your boutique closet surfaces can draw forth a huge amount of character, evoking just the right ambience to suit your mood.

There are quite a few possible styles to adopt, from the layered flow of crown molding to Victorian molding’s baroque grandeur. For a simpler option, you can always elect to go with a modern finish of classy simplicity. The question is, how do you want to feel in your custom boutique closet?

The Little Touches

Boutique closets can enjoy a profound sense of luxury with the addition of some metallic touches. Gold and silver accents on cabinet or closet handles, and metal trim paired with dark wood tones have a classy, refined feel to them.

Your Own Personal Custom Closet

Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto is ready to help plan out your boutique closet or any other storage solutions. For organization and beautified home spaces,  give us a call and schedule a complimentary design consultation. Let us design with your Modesto home’s needs in mind.

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