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Closet Organization for Modesto Homes

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Without a proper strategy for organization, your closet will quickly fall into disarray. Whether you have an oversized walk-in closet or the smaller styles that are common in older homes in Modesto, professional closet design can put you on the right track.

Take a peek at a few tips and tricks from the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto.

Hanging Rods

Think about what you really need to hang in your closet. While dresses take up the most space, when it comes to hanging shirts and pants, you can actually double hang the rods. This allows you to take up the space that would otherwise go wasted underneath these shorter items. Many people use a combination of double rods and single rods in their closets.


Closet shelving used to only be at the top of the closet, and most people in Modesto reserved those hard-to-reach spaces for things they didn’t need to use often. These days, though, more and more people are incorporating floor-to-ceiling shelves in their closets. This gives you more usable space for your things. Boxes, shelf dividers, and baskets on the shelves will keep things even more organized.


If you have a smaller closet, double rods and custom shelving may be the best you can do to keep your closet organized. If you have a large closet, though, you can incorporate some fun extras into the design. For instance, many people like to include dresser drawers or a large hutch in their custom closets. This choice allows you to keep the dressers out of the master bedroom, and you’ll have a small surface area to place jewelry or other little things.

Using All the Space

Essentially, the key to a successful closet design is to carefully plan to use every single inch of space in the closet in a way that will meet your needs. That’s hard to do without the help of a professional who designs custom closets– like us! With the knowledge of how you intend to use the closet, our team can fit all of the components that will make your life easier.

You can have the organized closet you’ve been dreaming about. Schedule a consultation with Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto today!

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