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Storing Wine for Maximum Enjoyment

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wine storage modesto

wine storage modestoWine is an age-old tradition in responsible leisure, beginning with the systematic fermentation of grapes by ancient cultures. We may thank their tireless experimentation in storage for the knowledge we now have at our disposal.

Closet & storage Concepts of Modesto is excited to share that knowledge with wine connoisseurs around the country, providing ample know-how for keeping wine stored safely, properly, and for maximum enjoyment.

Whether you’re looking for tips to maintain an existing collection, or thinking of starting one, read through our review of proper wine storage methods for this tasty, easy-to-maintain adult beverage.

Where to Store

Any sort of concave area in the home, like a nook, can provide room for wine storage. The main item to consider is sunlight — if the sun shines unavoidably into an area of your home, it will serve you less effectively as a storage solution.

Consider using a space in your home that is completely out of the sun at least most of the time. Sunlight delivers UV rays, which have the potential to age your wine in the bottle, even if the bottle is heavily tinted. Garages are commonly dark, windowless spaces with cooler temperatures. So long as the room is dark and the temperature is about 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit, your wines will store adequately.

wine storage modesto

How to Store

Foremost in wine storage systems is the rack. Any cabinet featuring a collection of appropriately sized slots can act as a wine storage system. It is best not to heap bottles atop one another, or else your wine bottles can end up rolling and breaking.

A wine storage rack makes for simple organization, but be sure to store your wines horizontally, and not upright. The reason for this is that the wine can suffer negative chemical changes without the oxidation provided by a good cork. Lay your wine bottles down when you store them so that the liquid can remain in contact with the cork.

Storage and Organization Are What We Do!

For any and all storage or organization questions, reach out today for a free in-home consultation! We proudly provide solutions and storage materials for closets, garages, pantries, and so much more! Restore a chaotic house and enjoy simple order in your home with Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto.

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