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Custom Features for Your Reach-in Closet

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Custom Reach In Closet Design Modesto

A reach-in closet may not have all the square footage of a walk-in closet, but that’s no reason that it can’t still be an efficient, organized, spacious area of your home. The most important thing to do with a reach-in is to find a custom solution that complements the way you use and prioritize your clothes. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, we provide personalized closet features so you can maximize however much space you have. Take a look at a few reach-in essentials. 

Custom Reach In Closet Design ModestoDrawers 

If you are looking for a way to clear out space in your bedroom and make your closet the one-stop-shop for everything you need, a set of custom drawers can do the trick. Large drawers for bulky items like jeans, winter sweaters, and scarves will reduce the amount of things you have to hang and shallow jewelry drawers will make it easy to organize, store, and find your valuable accessories. 


It may seem to go without saying, but often it is the shelves that make a closet useful and efficient. However, not just any shelves are right for every person. The beauty of getting a custom closet is that your specific way of doing things will shape how many shelves you have, where they are located and how they are shaped. Shelves that are too wide may reduce your usable space. Shelves that are too narrow to hold the items you store will also become wasted space or over-cluttered and hard to use. We also recommend shelving specific for shoes to avoid building clutter in the form of a shoe pile on your floor. Talk to us about how design efficient shelving that works for your height, your items, and your lifestyle. 


Hanging rods that are all at the same height are rarely very useful for hanging everything that a person, or couple, wants to hang. It’s for good reason that a custom closet will make the best use of space by having rods that allow for hanging up items of differing heights. A dress, a coat and a sweater all have very different spacial needs, and your customized closet will make sure everything is taken into consideration. We also provide pull-down rods if you have especially high ceilings. This will maximize how much space you have to hang things and keep delicate shirts and pants away from the everyday shuffle of clothes. 

When you use this space well, your reach-in closet may feel like it’s a lot larger than it is. And, because it will have so much built into it, it can keep looking neat and tidy no matter how much it’s used. Get started on your own custom reach-in closet today with the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto. 

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