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The Perfect Pantry For Your Kitchen

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Building a custom pantry has the potential to revolutionize a homeowner’s use of the kitchen. If you are tired of digging through your pantry and failing to find what you know you have, you are not alone. By taking charge of your pantry and designing it to fit your life, you may discover that it makes your whole day easier. Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto customizes closet features so you can have the efficient and stylish pantry you’ve always wanted. Take a look here. 

Custom Pantry Design Closet & Storage Concepts ModestoAim for Ease and Function

Start with a list of your cooking and eating needs. Walk through your day and note how many times you need to get into pantry, and what you are looking for each time. Be sure to note tasks that you do every few days or once a week. Soon, a pattern will emerge. The things you need most often should be the easiest to reach and front and center. Foot that you want less frequently can sit higher in the shelving and kitchen appliances can occupy space lower down that your eyes won’t immediately go to. 

Limit Reaching

No one wants to throw out their back or overextend their knees trying to get to something in the pantry. Fortunately, you do not have to. Consider pull-out shelves and drawers to minimize the stretching. Drawers of various depths will hold smaller items and make it easier to get all the way to the back. Shelves you can pull out are perfect for small appliances that you want to keep off on the counter.

Vary Storage by Type

The beauty of a custom pantry is that you get just enough of the storage you need, with less of what you do not want. Perishable foods like bread or produce call for special storage to keep them from going bad before you realize it. Wire baskets and see-through bins can make it easier to see what you have, and serves as a reminder to eat it. Shelves and dividers allow you to break up the space for visibility and better organization. Racks for spices or wine put everything within your reach or sight, so you always know where to go.

Custom Pantry Features Modesto Closet & Storage ConceptsMake the Pantry Family-Friendly

Most homes have at least two people who need to use the pantry from time to time. This is an opportunity to increase efficiency and also function, without compromising organization. The top of a tall pantry may be the perfect spot for seasonal cooking ware or dishes. The bottom of a pantry is often an ideal space for drawers, to reclaim use of those back corners. Placing kid-friendly food items and tools in these drawers or bins promotes their help in the kitchen. We can even include lighter drawers or lazy Susans easy for small children to operate.

Imagine a pantry that is so easy to use and organize that putting groceries away is a snap. A custom design could make this idea real. Even better, you can bid farewell to the wasted time spent hunting down a particular ingredient. All you have to do is dream it up, and then put it into action. Call the expert team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto at (209) 497-6360 to get started today!