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The Basics of Decluttering

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Wintertime is a season of festivities, of family, and of impromptu gatherings. With the holidays are fast approaching, now is the time to ask yourself if your home is really ready to entertain. If you’re getting concerned that you won’t be able to rid your home of all the clutter that has piled up in your entertaining space, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are some simple ways to conquer the clutter and get your home picture-perfect in time for all those family photos and spontaneous get-togethers. Read on for some basic decluttering tips to help you and your home make it through the holiday season with confidence.

Take Your Time

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If you’ve let your clutter get a bit out-of-control, tidying up can feel like a monumental task. While it may feel more satisfying to get rid of all your clutter in one session, the reality is that each piece of clutter represents a series of decisions that you have yet to make. If it’s been a while since you’ve decluttered, start small: conquer one section of a room, or one type of item, at a time. Taking the time to be thoughtful about where you want to store something (or if you want to keep it at all) will make it easier to maintain order in the long run.

Organize with Containers

Whether you prefer wicker baskets or brightly-colored trays, small containers are must-haves when it comes to organizing your stuff. If you don’t already have a dedicated container for your mail, games, or extra throw pillows, start here! Having a place to put each item in your home is an essential part of getting rid of clutter. Eliminating visible clutter is a step in the right direction – you can save your larger purge for your Spring cleaning.

Up Your Shelving Game

Clutter is most likely to pile up when you don’t have a good spot to put something. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of your existing shelf space. Donate your old books and outdated DVDs to make room for the items you do use regularly. To really flex your organizational muscles, dedicate some space on your shelves to some of those cute containers you’re now using. If you’re short on shelf space, though, consider adding custom shelving to a room. Without enough easy-to-access storage space, a buildup of clutter is practically inevitable.organized living room shelves Modesto

Stay Vigilant

It can be easy for your entertaining space to get overrun with clutter, but it’s just as easy to maintain a tidy home. Devoting just five minutes every day to putting everything back in its place will help you entertain with confidence this holiday season.


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