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Our Five Favorite Features in Custom Closets

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Custom Closet Modesto

Do you fantasize about having a place for everything and everything in its place? Are you envious every time you see the contents of a celeb’s designer closet? Building a custom closet that meets your personal needs is not just the province of the rich and famous. With the team of experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, you can have the closet of your dreams. Finally take the plunge, using these great features to create a space you’ll love so much you may never leave the closet. 

Custom Closet ModestoOpen Cabinets & Baskets

Open cabinetry will help keep your closet feeling spacious yet add a lot of function to the design. Bulky items that don’t need to be folded like purses, scarves, or hats can be thrown into a basket that has a home within your open cabinets. This means that even if you aren’t being meticulous about organizing each basket, your walls will look neat.  

Floor-to-Ceiling Wall Units

Not everything needs to be out in the open and on display. Adding floor-to-ceiling length wall units gives you the space to contain items that are more valuable, seldom used, or collect dust. It also adds variety to the design ethos of your custom closet, allowing you a place to install a full-length mirror or to add the variety and warmth of a solid wood tone.

Jewelry Drawer Inserts

While the basic layout determines functionality, the details are what takes a master closet from ordinary to absolutely thrilling. With custom inserts, you can organize your jewelry and small items so that you can see everything at a glance when you pull out the drawer. Not only will this make each item easier to find when you want to use it, but it will help keep necklaces from tangling or earrings from getting lost in a catch-all tray.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board

There is nothing better than having a dedicated space to iron your clothes right in your custom closet. Fix wrinkled shirts or pants right on the spot! Furthermore, drop-down ironing boards give you a hide-a-way surface for all sorts of wardrobe prep. We guarantee that you’ll appreciate this custom feature and it will help you be more prepared for your day when you can lay out accessories or outfits all together. 

Fashion Finishes

Once you have basic design elements in place, it’s time to choose a coherent style for the space. We offer a full range of finishes, from contemporary to traditional. You can choose from textured or solid laminates, a variety of finishes, high gloss effects, or solid wood. The finishes come in a variety of styles as well, making it easy to match the design of your bedroom or create a complementary accent look.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’ve taking over your adult child’s bedroom or just remodeling that tired master closet, Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto has everything you need for creating the custom closet of your dreams. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about all the features we offer and get started on the organizational journey of a lifetime.