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Storage Systems for Your Garage

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Custom garage storage modesto home

Is your garage packed to the brim with things you never use, broken toys and sports equipment, and lots of unlabeled boxes? You’re not alone. 

Many people struggle with cluttered garages that act more as storage spaces for junk than housing for vehicles or nice work spaces. And while a garage can be a place to keep things you’re not actively using, we advise a more planned-out approach to storage and organization. 

Intrigued? Check out the following Closet & Storage Concepts garage storage systems, all of which are absolutely perfect for getting your garage into tiptop shape!

Custom work bench and storage Modesto homeWork Benches

Having a space to work on big or small projects is of the utmost importance in a garage. When choosing a work bench or table space for fixing, cleaning, and building, we advise concentrating most on durability. Our tabletops and work benches are made of hardwood or laminate and will stand up well to all types of stains, dings, dents, and other damage.

Wall Storage

Ideally, your garage will be able to store your vehicle and other things like holiday decorations, tools, gardening equipment, sports equipment, toys, outdoor gear, car maintenance items, off-season clothing, and more. But for storage to be possible when a vehicle is taking up the majority of the space, you’ll need to optimize your use of wall storage. Enter: The slat board wall system.

Closet & Storage Concepts’ slat board wall system provides you with adjustable slats attached to your walls that also hold hooks, baskets, shelves, and other storage features. The slatted surface is highly attractive and functional. You can adjust and readjust the hanging storage surfaces as you please, which means making the most out of your wall space is a cinch.

Custom garage storage modesto homeCabinetry

Not all of the things you need to store in your garage will fit into baskets or on hooks. Therefore, some strategically placed cabinets are a great idea (also great if you prefer to keep some stored items hidden). Furthermore, sleek cabinets will help give your garage a clean, organized, and streamlined look. 

Put things like dangerous tools or chemical cleaners, paints, stains, and more into your cabinets. Or, use them for folding away out-of-season clothes and accessories. You might also combine cabinets with a workbench for a super convenient work space. Our cabinets are made of highly durable and attractive materials and can be completely customized to meet your storage needs. 

Ready to start planning your brand-new garage space? Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto offers free in-home consultations! Contact us today to learn more.