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Three Ways to Make Better Use of Your Spare Room

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These days, most people need to squeeze as much value and comfort out of their living space as possible. If you’ve got a spare room that’s just gathering dust, or more likely, clutter, we can help you transform it into one of the best parts of your home.

Get inspired with these three fantastic ways to benefit from your spare room. 

New Guest Room Modesto1. Turn Your Spare Room into A Guest Room

If you’re like many families, your spare room has turned into extra storage space for items that you rarely use. We can help you combine a wall bed with closet storage solutions to make the most of that underutilized area. You can securely and neatly store Grandma’s china either on display our out of sight.

At the same time, the wall bed will let you instantly transform the room into a neat guest room. You’ll have a place to house Grandma when she visits. Some people even use the space to earn extra income with room-sharing services.

Custom Home Office Modesto2. Work at Home in Your Own Office

Do you dream of losing your morning commute and the extra burden of paying for office space? Our space-saving office and storage furniture will help you live that dream. You can even combine the office furniture with a wall bed, so you don’t have to give up on the idea of having both a guest room and an office in your home.

Work with us on many multi-functional room ideas that will turn the smallest home into the most versatile one. You can also combine your home office with a playroom, workout room, or luxurious wardrobe.

Custom Playroom Modesto3. Make Room to Play

As their children get older, many parents wish they had space for a dedicated playroom. This provides kids with a place to play games, do their school projects, and invite their friends over to watch videos. Sometimes, Mom and Dad also need to play, so our customers choose to have the playroom double as an entertainment or fitness room.

Our entertainment centers, wall beds, and room and closet storage solutions will keep rooms looking great. Even small rooms can have space for a TV, desk, video game system, fitness machines, and even extra beds.

Benefit More From Your Spare Room Today

We want to help you store, organize, relax, work, play and even profit in your spare room. Tell us about your ideas, and we’ll show you how we can make it happen. Contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto today


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