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How to Organize a Functional Linen Closet

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linen closet organization Modesto

linen closet organization Modesto

The linen closet is a space in our home that often receives very little attention. When guests come to stay, we search high and low for sheets, get frustrated by the disarray, but still forget to do something about it later. At Closet and Storage Concepts Modesto, we know a functional linen closet can simplify your life. When organized with intention, it can also provide a space for items that may be cluttering other areas of your home. Read on to discover a few simple ideas for organizing your linen closet.

Take Advantage of Underutilized Space

There never seems to be enough space in our linen closet, and often that is because we underutilize it. Take advantage of the back of the closet door. Place hooks that will allow you to hang your ironing board, or a towel rack to store guest towels. Maximize floor space using wicker baskets. Fill the baskets with extra items like hand or dishtowels and clear up room on the shelf.

Organize Your Linens

If most of your linens are in a similar color, it can feel impossible to find all the items that go with the set. One handy trick is to fold up sheets and store them inside their matching pillowcase. This creates a tidy bundle with everything you need all in one place. No more toppling pile of linens.

Grab and Go

A linen closet doesn’t have to be exclusive to linens. Organize grab and go bins of products and store them in the closet. Each bin will organize items by use, such as cleaning products or extra toiletries. It’s also a great place to store your sewing kit. This adds functionality and minimizes clutter in your closet. Grab and go bins will also clear up space in other areas of your home and keep products together.

The linen closet is not always designed with functionality and organization in mind. Closet and Storage Concepts Modesto can help. Our design experts can help you create a custom storage solution that will meet your needs, and make organizing a breeze. Call us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation, or visit our showroom.

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