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How To Design a Boutique Closet

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Don’t settle for a boring, standard walk-in closet. With the help of the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, we can design a personalized space that works with your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Today’s custom closets are a careful branding of your personal taste and trendy boutique looks. Here are a few ways we can completely transform your closet.

Custom Boutique Closet ModestoColor is Key

The color scheme is the foundation of a good boutique closet. Whether you opt for a Scandinavian aesthetic with stark whites and gradations of gray, or you want a more contemporary look with natural matte woods and brushed metal hardware, it’s important to choose a theme and stick with it. A mix-and-match color scheme is too busy and will detract from the artful arrangement of the clothes.

Hanging Sections 

The last thing you want is for your boutique closet to look like the disheveled racks at a department store after a blowout sale. Hanging sections can be organized in many different ways: by season, color, or occasion for example. If you have more clothes to be hung than you know what to do with, consider a wardrobe cleanout to get rid of things you may not use as often anymore.

If you truly need every piece, we can install pull-down rods that give you double the hanging space while keeping your less-used items from cluttering your direct line of vision. This works best with tall ceilings, but we can accommodate your closet size!

Custom Closet Features ModestoShoe Racks and Jewelry Drawers 

Take a tip from Marie Kondo, today’s design guru and declutter and organize your closet. Careful curation and artful storage are the first steps in creating a stunning boutique closet. Shoe racks and jewelry drawers will help keep things neat and tidy, and you’ll also create a retail-like experience by showcasing your favorite fashion items.

Bells and Whistles

In order to create a boutique experience, you need to up your closet game with luxurious light fixtures, a bench or stool, and a dazzling focal point like a marble or granite island with storage cubbies. These finishing details will accessorize your closet, turning your personal style into high-fashion. Not every closet has the space for all of it, though. In a free in-home design consultation, our expert associate will work closely with you to figure out exactly what your space can take on and how to maximize functionality of your closet.

Ready to get the closet of your dreams? If so, contact Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto for a free in-home consultation! We proudly serve Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties and are locally owned & operated from Modesto. Call us today at (209) 497-6360