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How to Make the Ideal Home Working Space

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The idea of the home office is rich with a feeling of productivity. Without the right kind of space, however, it can be a lot harder to settle down to work and get things done. Fortunately, creating a place that encourages focus and efficiency may be easier than you think. Here are a few elements your home office needs to work best for you. 

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Separate Spaces for Work or Study Tasks

If you’re like most people, the home office becomes a catch-all for many of the sitting-related tasks in the home. The primary focus is your work or study needs, but you might also pay bills or let the older kids do their homework there. This can create a lot of chaos. Instead, consider making separate spaces for everyone who needs to use the office. An extra chair and a T-shaped desk layout might give everyone the room to attend to their own responsibilities.

Clutter Control

Knocking over three things on your way to reach a pen is a sign that your office clutter is out of control. Keeping the workspace organized is vital to avoiding distractions that overwhelm your productivity. Pare down the equipment and supplies that you keep on your desk so that you have more room to spread out. Drawer systems and organizers allow you to put small items out of sight, but well within your reach.

Ideal Storage for Everyone

When you’re just starting out, your home office storage might be pretty basic. To support a lot of activity, you’ll need storage that works for the items you use all the time. Add cabinets or shelves and baskets to keep paper, small equipment, and books in order. Using a closet helps to keep your stuff organized and separate, particularly if you use the room for other things.

Perfect Flow

When you design a custom office space, it needs to have the right flow. If you are constantly straining or getting out of your chair to reach something, you’ll get aggravated quickly. Sit down at a desk and close your eyes. Imagine doing your work. Wherever you go to reach for a pen, a ledger or your computer, that’s where it should go. When the layout feels natural, you’ll make progress more quickly.

A home office should be a source of focus and creativity, and it’s not as difficult as it seems. A productive working space can be yours if you follow these tips. To learn more about creating the perfect home office, schedule a free in-home consultation today! Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto proudly serves the greater East Bay and would love to help you out!