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Using Custom Storage To Make Space in the Garage

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custom garage storage Modesto

custom garage storage ModestoBig or small, garages always seem to have an area of chaos — either one corner you don’t want to think about, or so much stuff that you can’t fit the car in. Even a small garage can benefit from a good cleaning and organization system. However, you might find that if you just declutter and clean, you may not be able to free up as much space as you’d like. Custom garage storage makes it easy to house your unique mix of items and reclaim your space. 

Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto specializes in making custom solutions for all your storage needs. Speak with an expert at our showroom or continue reading for our top recommendations.

Tips for Creating Garage Space with Custom Storage

  • Go vertical: Garage walls are often overlooked as a source of storage, but adding some shelves, racks, pegboards, or slat board makes it easy to expand your space and make room for everything. You’ll free up valuable floor space and be better able to spot what you are looking for when things are on display.  
  • Zone it out: What do you use your garage for? Storing excess pantry goods, sporting equipment, or off-season gear? Do you love to garden (and house equipment in the garage) or keep various tools on hand for projects? Think about how you use your space and then create a different storage zone for each type of item. Put all sporting goods in one area, using custom wall storage to safely hang bikes, kayaks, and other bulky items. Add containers for balls and kids’ equipment and you’ll not only have an organized space, but it will also be easy to gear up before a game or an adventure. 
  • Incorporate custom cabinetry: Off-season clothing can be stored safely inside, and you won’t be tripping over extra items that are too hot or too cold to wear. Sleek cabinet doors will make your garage look tidy no matter what you have going on inside. We carry a wide variety of colors and materials to perfectly match your personal style!

Create Custom Storage for your Space

Your home is unique, and so are your needs. When you incorporate custom storage into your garage you create a home for every item you need to store. You’ll love the fresh, clean look and easy accessibility of your stored items — and you’ll be delighted with how easy it is to keep your garage neat and tidy. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto today to learn more about your custom storage options and to take the first step towards a tidy garage with plenty of extra space.