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Upgrading Your Walk-In

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custom closet storage Modesto

custom closet storage ModestoMost homeowners dream of having a walk-in closet. An upgrade from the cramped reach-in is a warm welcome for anyone who has suffered from stress every morning when getting dressed. However, many people don’t know how to design that dream space once they get it! Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, we want to help you recognize which walk-in trends are best for you. Take a look!

Retractable Mirrors

Every closet needs a mirror, but sometimes these bulky objects can take up valuable wall space or even floor space depending on the style. Luckily for you, we have a solution! Consider a retractable mirror that tucks away when you don’t need it, but is easily pulled out for when you do! 

Modular Shelving

Whether you have an extensive shoe collection, want to put your handbags on display, or just need more shelf space for storage, modular shelving is the way to go. This shelving style will allow you to organize everything in a way that works best for you. Talk to us about the different wardrobe items or the amount of storage space you need, and we can build it to match your space perfectly. 

Organizational Hampers

There’s no need to be sniffing T-shirts to remember if they have been used since their last wash or not. Opt for organizational hampers right in your closet to make getting ready a breeze. You won’t have any piles of “maybe clean” clothes and laundry day will be even easier! We can install multiple for you to start separating lights and darks right away rather than having to go through everything when it’s time to wash. If you don’t like the look of an exposed laundry basket, we can build custom cubbies to tuck the baskets away behind sleek doors that match your personal closet style. 

An Ironing Station

We’ve all dealt with the struggle of finding the perfect shirt to wear to work, only to realize it’s completely wrinkly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an ironing board right inside your closet for quick fixes? Now you can! Like the hamper, the ironing board can be neatly hidden away when not in use. When it’s time to use it, simply pull it down off the wall rather than having to set up an ironing station. Keep your ironing essentials nearby and you’ll have freshly pressed clothes whenever you need them.

Bringing It All Together

Closet & Storage Concepts can build a custom closet that includes all the features that matter most to you. Your walk-in closet will be a source of pride and beacon of your personality. In your free in-home design consultation, we’ll measure and discuss your closet and help you make the most of your space. Ready to get started? Contact the experts today! We proudly serve the greater Modesto, Manteca, and Turlock areas.