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Optimizing Your Home Office For Greater Efficiency

More and more working professionals are given the option to work from the comfort of their home. The saying “work smarter, not harder” not only applies as a mantra, but also applies to the design of your home office as well. When working with a Closet & Storage Concepts design team, it’s important that the…

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How to Design Your Home Office to Maximize Productivity

home office design modesto

When working from home, it can be difficult to get in the zone of productivity, as there can be added distractions not found in a traditional office workspace. Factors such as color, lighting, layout, and organization are essential in creating a space that is not only productive but tailored to your unique personality as well.…

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Why Your Entertainment Center Should Include Extensive Shelving

Entertainment centers are great to design and install in your living room or basement because they keep all fun activities in the same room. They allow you to dedicate a specific room of your house to unwinding after a long day in school or work. With extensive shelving additions, you get the benefits of added…

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Create Your Dream Kitchen with a Custom Wine Rack

WIne | Closet & Storage Concepts

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent a lot of time crafting a dream kitchen in your head. But so many of us never take the time to treat ourselves and bring that dream alive. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, we believe even the small addition of a custom wine rack to your…

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Mudrooms for Modesto Families

If you have kids, then you already know the daily challenges of picking up after them, whether it's at the dining room table, their playroom or their bedroom. Those spaces just become messy, and there's only so much you can do to contain the chaos. But with the hustle and bustle of kids coming and…

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How to Organize Accessories in Your Custom Closet

Custom closet installers Modesto CA

Are you frustrated with your closet? If you answered yes, you're not alone. One of the biggest time-wasters in our day can be trying to find items buried in our closets. Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto is here to put an end to that. With custom organization, we'll eliminate mess and prevent clutter from forming…

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Using Custom Storage To Make Space in the Garage

custom garage storage Modesto

Big or small, garages always seem to have an area of chaos -- either one corner you don't want to think about, or so much stuff that you can't fit the car in. Even a small garage can benefit from a good cleaning and organization system. However, you might find that if you just declutter…

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Custom Closet Additions We Love

custom closet modesto

Thinking about designing a custom closet in your home? Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto can help! Here are five customizable additions you definitely won’t want to be without. Adjustable Shelving The goal of a custom closet is to meet your unique needs. In other words, you shouldn’t have to adjust based on the limits of your closet.…

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Customizing Storage in Your Modesto Home

Custom Cabinets in Modesto California

Every household is different and it only makes sense that their storage needs will differ too. Whether you're a busy family of five or a self-employed couple running a business from the spare room, the way you use your space is going to vary greatly. However, when you purchase a home--new or older--chances are it…

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Making Your Living Room Multifunctional

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto, we understand the desire to make the most of the space you have and how hard it can be to actually achieve it. That's why we specialize in making custom solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you're looking to make your living room better for entertainment,…

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