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3 Laundry Room Design Tips for Summer

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A well-organized laundry room makes the seemingly daunting task much more manageable when the wet or dirty summer clothes start to pile up. It should go without saying that you’d rather be doing what you enjoy this summer instead of being overwhelmed in a cluttered laundry room. But when the task cannot be put off any longer, you want to ensure your space is well equipped to get the job done without stress. Take a look at these three design tips that will help you transform your laundry room space and maximize your summer cleaning:

Utilize Storage Cabinets

Implementing storage cabinets and other spaces designated for miscellaneous needs is one of the best ways to free up the room and reduce headaches. Gone are the days where random items such as detergent and towels are scattered across your open surfaces. Storage cabinets provide a home for your laundry needs and clear up the counter space, so you are no longer scrambling to find an open spot to fold or transfer your clothes.

Install Hanging Rods

Hanging rods allow for even more utilization of dead space, reducing clutter in spaces when you need them most. They are the perfect asset for wet towels or clothes that need a temporary home away from the countertops. The most important aspect of a clean and efficient laundry room space is keeping everything organized so your surfaces can remain clear. Hanging rods are a great addition as you can stop draping clothes on doorknobs or other creative places where they simply get in the way.

Add Shoe Cubbies

Cubbies for shoes or clothes are a third great way to improve the design of your laundry room space. Installing cubbies cures the ultimate frustration of shoes being thrown in random places around the house since there’s nowhere else to leave them. On the other hand, these cubbies do not just have to be a place for shoes. They also allow you to stack neatly folded clothes that can wait out of the way of everything else. When the items in your laundry room find a home other than the floor or countertops, you’ll be able to work a lot more efficiently and get back to doing what you love most this summer. 

Redesign Your Laundry Room Today!

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