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4 Benefits Of Wall Beds You May Not Have Considered

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Wall bed unit folded down

You probably know that a wall bed makes getting ready for guests easy and is great for maximizing space in your home. But are you aware of all the features and options that wall beds and Murphy beds offer? Read on to learn about some benefits of wall beds that often go unrecognized. For more information, reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey.

Wide Range Of Options

There is a large selection available when it comes to wall beds! A variety of models with different features allow you to choose something that will fit your space and needs to perfection. 

If you want a wall bed with bookshelves that function as doors, check out the Madison and Jefferson models. For rooms with limited floor space or low ceilings, the Cosmopolitan, which folds out from the wall horizontally, is a wonderful choice. It can serve as both a daybed and as a place for guests to sleep. Add a little bit of extra seating to your spare room with a smaller pull-down bed. The Metropolitan model can also be a good choice for tight spaces. The panel door serves as mattress support when the bed is down, so it doesn’t take up any extra room. 

Convenience & Comfort

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience and extra space! With most wall bed models, you can choose between a variety of mattresses and sizes. Whether you just want a Twin sized bed for kids, or a Full/Queen for visitors, the unit can be built to accommodate your needs. Wall beds provide the same convenience as a futon or sofa bed, but are much more comfortable and pleasant to sleep on. Pulling your wall bed down and putting it back up won’t bend or crease the mattress. You can expect it to last and stay comfortable for as long as any standard bed.

Expanded Storage

Most models either come with side cabinetry by default or give you the option of adding custom cabinets and shelving. You can even pair a bed with a built-in desk to create the perfect space for a student or writer. Combining a Murphy bed and a desk is a great space-saving option for children’s bedrooms and home offices that double as guest rooms. Other options for more storage include attached bookshelves or under-bed drawers.

Wow Factor

Not only are wall beds convenient space savers, they are also unique elements that bring character to any room. You can easily maintain the aesthetic of a spare room by having a bed that remains hidden away until needed. Visitors and home buyers will be delighted to discover how you have cleverly incorporated a well bed into your home! 

Get Started Today

Whether you’re ready to install a Murphy bed or just want more information about your options, Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey is ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll work with you to design and install a wall bed that’s perfect for your home and your needs.