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4 Mudroom Must-Haves

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A mudroom is typically the place where you enter your home from outside and pass through to the main part of the house. It is meant to be a transition area, where you can come in with dirty boots and a dripping wet raincoat, without worrying about the mess you are bringing in. Due to this space’s specific function, there are certain features you should be sure to include when designing this kind of room. Here are 4 essential must-haves for your custom mudroom.   

Durable Flooring

One of the most important aspects of the mudroom is the floor. It should ideally be very durable and easy to clean. Since this area will see plenty of foot traffic, be prepared for dirt, mud and rain to find its way inside. Darker or patterned floors can help disguise some of the dirt. Go for a flooring material like tile or laminate, that can be mopped, wiped and swept frequently. Avoid flooring that is tedious to clean and gets dirty easily, such as hardwood and carpet. If you must have some kind of rug in the mudroom, make it a doormat or runner made with water-resistant material.

A Place To Sit

The next order of business is to choose what kind of seating to place in the mudroom. This will be a place where people pull off or slip on their shoes, and having a spot to sit down and tie shoe laces is practical. One of the most popular choices for mudroom seating is a bench. It can be separate or part of a built-in cabinet, and may even provide shoe storage underneath. If you don’t have the space for a full bench, something as simple as a stool or small chair will do. 

Hooks And Hanging Space

As the mudroom is typically where people store jackets and outerwear, hanging space is essential. You can install hooks along the wall or perhaps utilize a bar similar to in the closet. A coat rack can provide a spot for people’s jackets, coats and so on. Remember, there are plenty of other items that can be conveniently hung up in the mudroom. A dog leash and harness, hats, purses, and keys are just a few examples of the everyday items we might need to grab when headed out the door.

Plenty of Storage

Finally, a mudroom wouldn’t be complete without storage options galore. It is often the catch-all space for our shoes, coats, outdoor items and other miscellaneous things. A large wall unit with cabinets, sliding drawers and cubbies can provide tons of storage for anything we need to stash away.

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