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5 Custom Kitchen Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space

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custom kitchen storage - Northern New Jersey

custom kitchen storage - Northern New JerseyFor many homeowners in North Jersey, the kitchen is one of those areas that never seems to have enough storage space. As you grow your culinary skills and expand your selection of cooking tools, your need for kitchen storage will expand as well. Custom kitchen pantry storage is ideal for your utensils and small appliances, and Closet & Storage Concepts can help!

The key to a dream kitchen and successful culinary adventures is a space that stays free of clutter, organized, and accessible. Custom storage solutions can help you accomplish this. Below, we explore five creative and effective custom kitchen pantry storage ideas to help you make the most of your available space.

1. Maximize Tricky Spaces

Whether it’s an oddly angled wall or awkward cabinetry, many kitchens have a space that’s not being used efficiently. Make the most of these areas by adding custom shelving, drawers, or cabinets. For example, a tall, narrow cabinet can be perfect for storing cutting boards and cookie sheets. Small areas with added shelves, cubbies, or other custom storage solutions are ideal for storing linens, a small knife block or your lesser-used utensils.

2. Think Vertical

Adding floor-to-ceiling storage in your kitchen or pantry can help make the most of smaller spaces. Enclosed shelving and cabinetry can be a welcome addition to busy kitchens, as they can hide your items and create a cleaner aesthetic.

3. Add a Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

If your kitchen is low on storage space and you don’t have a pantry, adding a freestanding cabinet unit can make a big difference. Consider placement and integration with the rest of your kitchen layout as well as your existing décor. You might even consider adding casters so it can easily roll and relocate if your kitchen and storage needs change.

4. Enhance Your Island

If you have a kitchen island, consider ways in which you can add more storage to it. Additional shelving or drawers, as well as specialty items like a custom wine rack or produce storage area, can turn your island into a more versatile storage solution.

5. Add a Real Pantry

If you have space, and if it makes sense in your home’s layout, consider adding a real pantry. This route requires a little more work and some construction, but even a little pantry space can go a long way. A pantry is ideal for storing dry ingredients, canned goods, specialty dishes, and small appliances. Plan your new pantry carefully, and incorporate the best custom storage ideas and solutions to fit your needs perfectly.
Few things hold back a kitchen (and the chef) from their full potential like a lack of storage space. Why settle for a disorganized kitchen when so much more is possible? Explore the possibilities of a custom kitchen storage solution, and contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey for a free consultation. Your dream kitchen awaits!