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Basics Of A Custom Home Office Design

custom home office furniture north jersey

custom home office furniture north jerseyLiving in today’s technological age means more professionals than ever before have the ability and the opportunity to telecommute. The increase of North Jersey professionals working from home means an increased necessity of home office setups. Having a comfortable and productive workspace in your home is key to successfully managing your day-to-day tasks. Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey specializes in designing and building customized office furniture and storage solutions to fit any space and style. Here we’ll explore how to go about starting the custom home office design process.

Desk Space

The anchor of a home office system is the desk. Having sufficient surface space for writing, computer work, and other tasks is an important aspect of working from home. We offer a wide variety of furniture styles, including solid wood options. Our custom furniture can be made in nearly any finish or color you could want, making it easy to find something that matches the décor of your North Jersey home. Whether you want a freestanding desk or one that is built into the wall, we work around the available space in your home. Once you’ve chosen the style and build of your desk, you can use it as a starting point from which to build the rest of your office setup.

Custom Shelving

A natural next step in your office design is to create a shelving system to work in conjunction with your desk. The shelves, built specifically for your storage needs, will be important in helping keep the surface of your desk clutter-free. Ideal for books, office equipment, or decorative features, shelving can provide both visible storage as well as hidden storage with the addition of cabinet doors. Cabinets and shelves are great opportunities to utilize all your available space, both horizontal and vertical. You can also work in drawers for file storage or other miscellaneous items into your design.

Whatever your organizational needs, Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey is here to help provide you with a perfect solution. We build our furniture in our own factories, making any home office design not only possible, but also completely customizable to your personal specifications. To get started, contact our experts today and schedule a free in-home consultation!