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Best Tips For Closet Remodels

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Closet Remodel

Sometimes we realize that we need more closet space to fit all of the things in our homes and bedrooms. Before knocking down a few walls and buying some closet rods to remodel the area, you want to be able to plan a smooth and successful project. Then you will not have to renovate again for many years. Here are some tips for closet remodels to get all the space you need.

Consider What You Want For The Space

Some people want closets to just store their work clothes, special occasion attire, seasonal bedding, and so on. Other people want to store accessories, have a place to sit and change, want to model their clothing in a mirror, or even bring more light into the space from a window. Plan out the remodel by figuring out how much you want to add into the space, and then measuring how much square footage you have available. Always be flexible with your closet remodel as you may need to adjust your expectations to better accommodate the available space.

Use All Vertical Space

Go beyond just using up the horizontal space along the walls. Also utilize as much vertical space as possible from the floor up to the ceiling. If you have hanging rods along the wall, consider placing in a shelf above to store blankets and linens. Open floor space allows you to have an area to place footwear, or even a sitting chair or bench that can be pulled out to make it easier to get changed.

Maximize Visibility

Often when you can’t see a piece of clothing, you end up not wearing it. Add in ways to see all of your items so you can always find the attire you need. Install drawers that have see-through fronts, add in clear plastic bins, and plenty of closet rods to space out clothing. Also, consider the lighting in the space. You can use hanging lights, recessed lights, or even lights underneath shelf bottoms.

Select Comfortable Flooring

The flooring is just as important in the closet as inside the bedroom space. You can have the flooring match the rest of the room, or go a completely different route. Carpet is ideal when you want something soft and warm under your feet. Wood and vinyl are another option if you want less floor maintenance, yet will be cooler and harder underfoot.

You can create a closet space that offers everything you need to keep your clothes neat and organized. A custom closet manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey can help you redesign your closet space to the highest quality. Speak with a closet design specialist today to get started on your remodel project.