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The Best Accessories To Enhance Your Closet

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Your closet can be organized with classic rods and shelves, but it can be transformed with Closet & Storage Concepts’ closet accessories! Why limit yourself to the primary organizational techniques when you can easily elevate your closet to offer a greater wardrobe experience while continuing to optimize your space? Enhance your closet with our custom shoe organization, racks & rods, drawer inserts, baskets, slide-out accessories, and more!

Shoe Accessories

Organize your shoes in a variety of ways to best suit your needs and fit in your unique space. Our shoe accessories include shoe cubbies, fences, and rails. The option you choose may depend on the amount of available space you have, as some may take up more space than others. A great option for limited space would be our shoe racks – they can store your shoes vertically and slide out, optimizing every direction of space! With our shoe accessories, you can get your shoes up and off the floor while keeping them on display and maintaining easy access. 

Accessory Racks & Rods

Closet & Storage Concepts has options to keep longer accessories like ties and belts separated and organized with custom racks. We like to install racks on side walls to take advantage of all available space and allow them to slide out for optimized accessibility. Include a valet rod to easily plan and hang your future outfits!

Drawer Inserts

Your closet may already have drawers, but there are inserts available to sort the items within them for an added layer of organization. Hosiery drawers act as dividers to separate your belongings however you want for your convenience. One of our favorite drawer inserts is our jewelry inserts and dividers. No matter what kind or amount of jewelry you have, Closet & Storage Concepts has the solution for you!


Use our baskets any way you see fit to keep your closet clean and organized. Our baskets come in various sizes and depths to properly store whatever you need! They can also be installed with the slide-out feature that our other accessories offer for your accessibility and space optimization needs. You can even incorporate your laundry basket into your custom closet design by including it as a pull-out or slide-out feature in your organizational unit. This function allows you to keep your dirty laundry hidden, cohesive with your design, and off the floor! 

Slide-Out Accessories

If you’re tight on space, we even have the perfect options to store your wardrobe necessities, including your mirror and ironing board! Both items can be installed as a slide-out feature to be quickly tucked away when not being used and easily pulled out when needed. 

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