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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Murphy Bed

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Jefferson Murphy bed

Likelihood of Use

Integrated storage is a magnificent perk of Murphy bed designs. If you choose to add a bed into an office space as an emergency backup, consider having ample integrated shelf storage for files and books that’ll be useful for the primary use of the room. Maybe you constantly have guests over– consider drawers and cabinets that can conceal their belongings for added privacy.

Horizontal or Vertical Layout

People know Murphy beds as being ideal for small spaces, but they forget to consider their room layout with the bed laid out. Think about how you’ll move around your room with a vertical system where the longest side of the bed will extend into the space. A horizontal style will be for you if you find yourself shuffling between the bed and the wall.


Wall beds have a “nook” appearance when extended. Make that area cozy with built-in lights. You could even add reading lights for convenience and added comfort. Brightening up this area will make your room look larger and more welcoming. Track lighting on shelves will give the best pop of light if you want to attract the eye to your decoration.

Sizing Options

Murphy beds can be customizable by size to deliver the proper function and ease of use. Smaller mattress sizes are ideal for kids’ rooms since they will easily maneuver the bed back into the stored position. There would even be ample space for play if the bed is laid out. Consider more spacious beds for adults and couples for a more mature room appearance. 

Where to Shop for a Murphy Bed

You will want to choose the most trusted company when shopping for a Murphy bed. We guarantee our work at Closet & Storage Concepts Northern NJ. We measure your space to facilitate the design and installation process.