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How To Make Your Space Look Bigger

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Bright entryway for a bigger-looking space

Making a small space look bigger can be tricky but not impossible! Color palate, storage systems, and quality furniture can make a massive difference. Here are a few things to consider for your next design.

Storage Systems

Even large spaces can look extremely small when riddled with clutter. Take an entryway as an example. The family’s shoes, jackets, bags, and other things can disrupt the movement of the space when piled up. A simple storage system provides specific places to organize every item neatly.

Double-Function Furniture

If you’re finding it tough to incorporate a home office or extra sleeping space in your house, consider having a wall bed. There are several styles to choose from, but a library bed is one of the best. This design features side cabinets and tracked shelved doors that slide horizontally to access the bed. Double-function storage can also comes in entryway systems like the one mentioned above. Imagine having a spacious shoe storage that doubles as a bench to put them on. The possibilities are endless.

Bright Wall Colors

Many people think of loud pinks, yellows, and oranges when thinking about bright colors. We mean colors that are less saturated and give a feeling of airiness in a room. The most common color palettes are earth tones because they are easy to style. There are also options for those of you that prefer darker colors. Dark colors can add depth, especially if you paint the farthest wall slightly darker than the rest. Painting your ceiling, in this case, can keep your room from looking short and sandwiched from top to bottom.

Open Storage

You have to take advantage of wall space when you have a smaller room. Open storage built-ins give your room a natural flow. They decrease visual separation by blending in with the wall color. You can also choose a light and natural wood finish if you look to incorporate color accents that don’t compete with your decorations. Regardless of the color, shelves are the most effective storage systems to add depth and make your space look bigger while saving space.

There are many factors to consider when trying to give a small room a spacious appearance. Trust your design to the specialists at Closet & Storage Concepts New Jersey. We provide a completely personalized experience for the perfect combination of expert ideas and your style. Book on our website today!