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Maximize Space In A Small Room

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Smaller, cozy rooms can feel luxurious without having high ceilings or covering a large area in your home. Learn about how you can make your room appear bigger and create more storage space. 

Cut Clothing Clutter

Don’t use your bed or desk chair as drop zones for clothes anymore. If you have a well-organized closet space, it’ll be easier to get rid of the little clothes piles that are a common appearance in most clothes. Worried about your messy closet space?

Closet & Storage Concepts has custom closet accessories to help you conquer clutter for good. 

High-Wall Units

Use high wall units to draw the eyes up and make your ceiling appear higher than it is. Wall units are a great addition to a wall bed. You can customize them to include cupboards, shelves, drawers, and even drop-down lids.

Multi-Use Furniture

To stretch your space, include furniture with a dual purpose. For example, a library bed has extensive shelving for storage, and a space to sleep, and it frees up floor space during the day. 

Wall beds – Clear floor space during the day with a fold-up wall bed. Most design options will let you add side storage units with a mix of storage so you can add your design touches to your sleeping area. Don’t forget to add a dropdown lid to use as a nightstand option. 

Don’t let a small space limit the possibilities of what you can do with design and storage in your home. Rely on Closet & Storage Concepts Northern NJ for clutter-busting storage solutions for most areas of your home. Book your free consultation with a seasoned designer on our website or give us a call. We are ready to help you achieve your storage goals!