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Maximizing Storage For Small Spaces

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We’ve all heard about the value of quality over quantity. While some spaces may be lacking in space, it’s a sacrifice we make when the character of a room really speaks to us. However, this means that we have to get creative about utilizing the space. Making the most out of a smaller room can be accomplished with purposeful storage solutions. Here are a few ways in which this can be accomplished. 

Create a Catch-All Space

A catch-all space can be used to collect frequently used items. Placing a large basket by the front door can help create a space for catching shoes, umbrellas, coats, and more. Too often, we walk right through the door, kick off our shoes and coats, and go about our day. This can make the entryway cluttered and messy. Adding a catch-all storage unit can help organize your space, maximize storage, and minimize mess. 

Baskets, Bins, and Boxes

Shelves are one of the most common solutions for storage, but there are still ways to get creative with the space. Baskets, bins, and boxes can not only make your space look more aesthetic and organized, but they can also make sure that every inch gets utilized. With shelving accessories, you can also find items more easily, creating the most efficient space possible.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to add storage without taking up extra space. In taking an item that is already serving a purpose and incorporating additional storage uses, one can make the most of their space. An ottoman with a removable lid or a coffee table with extra drawers are a few ways in which someone can create extra storage space with items that are already serving another purpose. 

Utilize Vertical Space

Vertical space is rarely utilized to its full potential. Shelving above doors, containers on top of cupboards, and storing items beneath furniture are all great ways to use the height of the room. In doing so, you can maximize storage space, ultimately keeping the room from feeling cluttered, and ensuring that everything has its place.

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Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels